Seeing isn’t believing


Let’s say there was 100 percent sea ice in the Arctic when I was born, right at the end of a summer melting in the late 70s. How much sea ice was there on my birthday this year? Guess. Not even close. Guess again.

You know how some things aren’t easily visually perceived because it involves slow movement? Well, one such thing are glaciers, which typically move rather slowly. At times they calve icebergs. These processes have come under the lens of a brilliant photographer named James Balog. He presents a time-compressed look on glaciers using timelapse. I have yet to see the documentary, as it’s not yet available in Sweden, but I know the result is mind shattering. Read about it at See it. Then decide what you want do about
it. It’s not about believing. It’s understanding.

The answer to my question?

About 20 percent

Largest calving ever filmed

Arctic sea ice volume