Jacob Levallius Photography

Nature is full of life, but it can be difficult to see at first glance. By using the camera as a brush, we can not only simulate life but create abstract and often dream-like scenes. The result can demand attention, inspire or connect us more with nature and our surrounding world.


Capturing trees is not as easy as one might think. The challenge is to break the vertical lines. These are some of my favorite features to experiment with.

Up close

Some objects are fun to capture at very close range, a meter or so.

My photographs are straight from the camera with only light adjusted (or the occasional mono color). They are never manipulated, composited or cropped. Every image has a time, place and feel.

Turning Torso

The famous skyscraper in Malmö, Sweden, is the only man-made structure I’ve focused on so far.

Tulip Torso
Tulip Torso


Direct sunlight usually overexposes a long capture but a sunrise or sunset is dim enough.


Abstract in full force

At a distance features can become unrecognizable and lean more towards abstraction with free interpretation.

Order a print

Limited edition (25) prints are available for purchase. They are unframed with a small white border on professional fine art paper and archival quality pigment ink. Available in different sizes. Every print is signed with number/edition and a certificate label is included with the title, number/editions, serial, location and year. There are a maximum of 25 prints of each photo, with some at 10 editions. Order through direct contact. If you want the work to really shine, you can order a larger size without borders on direct on glass print, a look perfect for a big living room wall or company lobby.

First exhibit, January 2011