I come from debt


It’s the inevitable headline, seen on Swedish television January 3rd, 2014. Maybe a world’s first.

The World: Extreme weather.

2014 is off to a worrying start. Major floods in France and Britain while record ones in Brazil. Intense heat in Australia. Unseasonably mild weather in Russia and Scandinavia, sending ripple effects through ecosystems depending on trusted climate patterns. But the story getting most attention is the cold chill in the US. A few – albeit extremely cold – days and it already seems forgotten that 2013 was the warmest year ever recorded in the US. Australia also had a record year. Warmer with more extremes is just what we ordered, as evidenced by carbon copy reciepts.

This is the debt-based society. We are parasites that once conquered and now mismanage the Earth on an epic scale. And Earth is clearly getting really angry. I keep thinking we have less than 10 years before the big collapse, followed by decades of calamity. Yet ignorance is prevalent. How much disaster does it take to topple the status quo? Seems man-made societies are destined to go extinct, but we’re not supposed to take so many other forms of life with us. Homo sapiens calamitatis ignorantia – the man who knows but ignores the destruction he causes.