Guestbook Go

The interactive guestbook for weddings and parties

Guestbook Go is your engaging, interactive guestbook for your wedding or party. Designed for iPad but fully compatible with iPhone, this app empowers your guests to capture memories with photos, videos, and personal messages – all without needing any supervision. You won’t find this solution anywhere else.

Wedding guestbook on iPad

Photo Booth

Wedding guestbook for iPad, also works on iPhone - take selfies and label them
Photo Booth lets your guests easily take a selfie and even add their own label.

Video message

Wedding guestbook for iPad - record video messages
Get stories or well-wishes with video recording. If the guest doesn’t stop the recording it stops automatically to be ready for the next.


Wedding guestbook for iPad - write or draw a message
With Scribble you can be oldschool and sign the Guestbook by hand, in color.

The app always returns to the start screen.

Three fun and engaging features – which to include in your event is up to you!

Video guide to Guestbook Go

Guestbook Go – an interactive guestbook for weddings and parties

Support / Frequently asked questions

Which microphones are supported?
Guestbook Go should work with most microphones that can be recognized by the device. A wired connection is recommended for good audio syncing. Make sure to test your setup before your event. The app has been tested with a microphone with 3.5 mm connector, Apple headphones/mic with lightning connector as well as dedicated Shure microphone with lightning connector.

Where are my videos?
Created content is stored in your Photos library. In version 5 (March 2024) content can be managed within Guestbook Go.

I am having issues with Album viewer (v5+)
There is a known issue with the Album viewer which may cause items to not load, or app to crash after failing to load. If items aren’t loading try force quitting the app (slide up from bottom halfway to reveal app switcher, then swipe up on Guestbook Go to close). Fortunately, this issue is only relevant when using Album which doesn’t occur during an event.

Why is the video upside down?
This can happen for versions prior to version 5. Simply rotate the device around so that it recognizes the new orientation.

Privacy policy

Guestbook Go lives on device and doesn’t send any data to me or other parties. No login or account, no user information asked for, collected, stored or shared. No ads. Your videos are stored in your Photos library.

(FR) Politique de confidentialitéGuestbook Go est une application qui vit entièrement sur l’appareil et ne communique pas seule avec des serveurs. Aucune connexion ou compte n’est requis, aucune information utilisateur n’est demandée, collectée, stockée ou partagée de quelque manière que ce soit. Il n’y a pas d’annonces.

(DE) Datenschutz-BestimmungenGästebuch Go ist eine App, die vollständig auf dem Gerät lebt und nicht alleine mit Servern kommuniziert. Es ist kein Login oder Konto erforderlich, es werden keine Benutzerinformationen abgefragt, gesammelt, gespeichert oder in irgendeiner Weise weitergegeben. Es gibt keine Anzeigen.