Abstract Nature

Enjoy my new iBook, a collection of my best abstract nature photographs presented in a way I hope you like. American iTunes store link Swedish iTunes store link

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I come from debt

It’s the inevitable headline, seen on Swedish television January 3rd, 2014. Maybe a world’s first. The World: Extreme weather. 2014 is off to a worrying start. Major floods in France and Britain while record ones in Brazil. Intense heat in Australia. Unseasonably mild weather in Russia and Scandinavia, sending ripple effects through ecosystems depending on

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Skåne på cykel

Sommaren 2009 förde cykeln mig till nya och gamla platser i det skånska landskapet. Följ min resa under 6 dagar genom värdefulla natur- och kulturmiljöer på iPad med en iBook tillgänglig på iTunes.

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Seeing isn’t believing

Let’s say there was 100 percent sea ice in the Arctic when I was born, right at the end of a summer melting in the late 70s. How much sea ice was there on my birthday this year? Guess. Not even close. Guess again. You know how some things aren’t easily visually perceived because it

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Earth Year

Since 1970 we have celebrated Earth Day. A few years ago, as the ecological crisis approached certainty, we added Earth Hour. But now we need more than hours or days; we need a whole year. In Earth Year we stop. No more obliteration of natural ecosystems, no more urban sprawl and no more superfluous consumption.

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The genius of Steve is no longer with us. His passion and determination inspired. His goal was always to make the very best of something, whatever the cost. He built things of beauty and simplicity that last. Put another way, he made the rest of the industry appear insanely mediocre. He also lived a simple

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The destruction of wealth

Before society there was nature; much more so than today. There was wealth, and in fact there was as much wealth as there will ever be in the age of man. Today the term wealth has become synonymous with turning natural resources into goods and consuming those goods. The more consumption; the more wealth. However,

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The iPad

Apple Inc. is reinventing computing (well, not so much Apple as Steve Jobs himself). The concept of a tablet isn’t new, but the implementation of it and the technology is superior to anyone who has ever tried before. And the packaging is beautiful. The device runs at only 2.5 watts. A typical desktop uses 100

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