Creating a Unified History

There is great interest in our history. If we had all the vast knowledge of past human settlements and prehistory accurately gathered in a single digital map with a scrollable timeline we would have a powerful tool at our disposal. We would achieve greater understanding of our history through insights not possible with scattered information. […]

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The genius of Steve is no longer with us. His passion and determination inspired. His goal was always to make the very best of something, whatever the cost. He built things of beauty and simplicity that last. Put another way, he made the rest of the industry appear insanely mediocre. He also lived a simple

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The iPad

Apple Inc. is reinventing computing (well, not so much Apple as Steve Jobs himself). The concept of a tablet isn’t new, but the implementation of it and the technology is superior to anyone who has ever tried before. And the packaging is beautiful. The device runs at only 2.5 watts. A typical desktop uses 100

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