We have already passed a tipping point

Posted by on Nov 25, 2016 in Earth

Watch disaster unfold as the world passes the first clear tipping point. Ice sheets are collapsing. The world of tomorrow will be very different. Perhaps what is more alarming is that even scientists continue to be surprised at how fast change happens. But will the world even notice when media fails to do its responsibility and put this on the front page? Climate change is the only thing that matters now and we should basically forbid using fossil fuels today and face the consequences, which will be far less than turning a blind eye. Solar has become cheaper than fossil fuels, but it is too late. We are in for something that can only be comparable to world conflict. It’s ironic. Conflict over oil leads to emissions that cause climate change and further conflict. The status quo is a very powerful agent. That and not really wanting to believe. But we don’t have a right to not believe in science, only to question. And all questions have long ago been answered. Stop flying, driving, buying. And start talking about the most important thing there is – the health of this planet.

Update: An important factor is ice thickness, which has reduced significantly. Ice volume has been reduced by around 75% in four decades. This in turn allows for more rapid changes in sea ice area. 

Arctic ice melt could trigger uncontrollable climate change at global level (Guardian)

Global sea ice. From NSIDC.

Global sea ice. From NSIDC.