Want to know more about one of the greatest minds to ever have lived? Da Vinci 500 teaches you all you need to know about Leonardo da Vinci, the genius who in 2019 will have been gone for 500 years. To make learning more fun it tests your knowledge along the way, so challenge your friends to reach 500! Includes his life history with major artistic and scientific work, complete with historic references.

Available for every iPhone or iPad for free.



Privacy Policy

Da Vinci 500 is an app that lives entirely on device and doesn’t communicate on its own with any servers. No login or account is required, no user information is asked for, collected, stored or shared in any way. There are no ads. Users have the option to use the share sheet to manually share their progress with friends. That option comes pre-formatted with levels passed, points made and a link to Da Vinci 500 on the app store.

All app content is from Wikipedia and is public domain, unless where credit is assigned.